Club Championship Results

Here are the results for our last couple of years of club championship races. We order the results by age-grading and award medals to the top five finishers. Age-grading allows runners of all ages to be compared more easily. Further information is on the parkrun website.

2019 Club Championships

A lovely run followed by a club picnic.  Congratulations to one of our newer runners, Martha Brownlow, on her sub 1.45 time, a new PB!

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Bernard Simmons1:53:4770.45%
2Diane Suter1:54:5368.11%
3David Mullany1:46:1467.13%
4Alan Brown1:45:4664.91%
5Lucy Ross1:49:3764.82%
6Tim Griffiths1:52:1364.68%
7Katia Hadaschik1:54:4062.66%
8Martha Brownlow1:44:5762.29%
9Johanna Morley1:58:4961.35%
10Sue Woodhead2:05:0959.97%
11Louise Fernandez2:07:4757.30%
12Harriet English2:29:3957.29%
13Linda Griffiths2:15:0056.88%
14Anna Gregorowski2:15:0155.79%
15Clare Dunne2:08:0054.81%
16Paul Croasdale1:51:2853.07%
17Anna Bettiss2:04:5551.61%
18Oghene Aaron2:30:0548.95%
19Heather Larsen2:29:3945.67%

A sunny evening in Dulwich Park saw club members young and old giving it their all.  Congratulations to Will Simpson on being our first finisher and achieving the highest age-graded score.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Will Simpson05:4473.30%
2David Mullany06:2173.29%
3Sue Woodhead07:3267.87%
4Bernard Simmons07:4066.93%
5Rufus Ince06:4766.91%
6Clare Dunne07:1065.29%
7Taidgh Woodhead07:1365.17%
8Philippa Woodhead07:5165.13%
9Denise Blake08:0663.95%
10Paula McMahon08:0262.74%
11Jacqueline Kerr08:0962.72%
12Martha Brownlow06:5660.47%
13Harriet English10:1659.97%
14Jenny Kalogera08:2959.49%
15Oghene Aaron08:3158.50%
16Susie Blann08:1357.71%
17Juliet Shillingford09:5757.37%
18Cath Rooney07:5957.31%
19Spenser Lane07:3755.24%
20Rachael Smyth07:5954.96%
21Chris Ince07:2754.31%
22Paul Croasdale06:5953.75%
23Ian Fernandez07:5053.72%
24Clare Mohacek08:1751.81%
25Mark Davidson08:4049.74%
26Lesley Young12:4749.72%
27Kavita Raj09:5449.70%
28Joanne Fox09:4047.89%

Another impressive win from Will Simspon, this time at our Summer League event in Dulwich Park.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1William Simpson32.5270.33%
2Bernard Simmons44.3764.55%
3Myriam Zinga43.4062.44%
4Tim Griffiths42.4661.26%
5Emma Embleton40.2060.00%
6Martha Brownlow40.2259.95%
7Laura Griffin41.5959.31%
8Peter Chadwick40.4659.04%
9Clare Dunne43.4959.00%
10Mark Davidson42.1357.01%
11Linda Griffiths51.0456.66%
12Holly Mills43.5555.10%
13Emma Heath44.3954.57%
14Heather Larsen46.0554.03%
15Phillipa Badnell51.0553.38%
15Anna Gregorowski51.0553.38%
17Zoe Wilson Young47.2252.57%
18Jacqueline Kerr52.0952.29%
19Paul Croasdale42.5549.67%
20Linda Talbot1.02.1049.57%
21Emma Davidson59.2945.84%
22Francesca Clixby55.1643.79%
23Joanne Fox57.3543.24%
24Emma Pond1.07.3340.37%
25Spenser Lane01.09.5233.09%

The hot weather didn’t seem to hold people back at our 10k Club Championship in Regents Park.  There were several PBs and our first finisher was Will Simpson again!  Our highest scoring age grade was achieved by Susan Smith.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Susan Smith0:57:3371.42%
2William Simpson0:42:2470.26%
3David Mullany0:47:4069.45%
4Bernard Simmons0:54:1867.35%
5Myriam Zinga0:53:5165.20%
6Diane Suter0:57:3364.12%
7Lou Fernandez0:55:2561.85%
8Emma Embleton0:49:2661.36%
9Laura Griffin0:52:2761.31%
10Oghene Aaron0:56:3260.63%
11Alan Brown0:53:4458.88%
12Clare Dunne0:55:3058.46%
13Linda Talbot1:12:3255.10%
14Lynn Burton1:00:2454.81%
15Spenser Lane0:56:2452.82%
16Emma Davidson1:09:4452.25%
17Chris Ince0:55:4551.30%
18Paul Croasdale0:52:2751.11%
19Ian Fernandez1:06:2650.99%
20Lesley Young1:32:0347.35%
21Natalie Villiers1:20:2943.10%
22Harry Citrine1:08:4939.34%
23Rosie Talbot1:17:3039.14%

29 DPR members ran this lovely race.  We had amazing age gradings, several PBs and a host of people running this distance for the first time.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Susan Smith01:17:0887.37%
2David Mullany01:17:3370.12%
3Bernard Simmons01:30:3967.16%
4Myriam Zinga01:27:3765.75%
5Alan Brown01:21:3063.70%
6Lucy Ross01:25:4663.20%
7Sue Woodhead01:31:1363.03%
8Johanna Morley01:28:4562.49%
9Alison Taylor Reed01:34:2262.46%
10Katy Denny01:29:0259.10%
11Martha Brownlow01:24:0158.74%
12Oghene Aaron01:35:4358.64%
13Emma Heath01:27:5357.75%
14Laura Griffin01:34:0155.97%
15Zoe Wilson Young01:36:2655.07%
15Kieran Brennan01:28:4555.00%
17Chris Ince01:25:1554.93%
18Lynn Burton01:42:4253.37%
19Paula McMahon01:48:0652.55%
20Anna Bettiss01:35:1251.97%
21Linda Talbot02:07:1651.48%
22Paul Croasdale01:26:2051.15%
23Lucy Butler01:48:0750.70%
24Denise Blake01:57:0049.75%
25Jacqueline Kerr01:57:0249.13%
26Lesley Young02:38:0745.21%
27Joanne Fox01:59:5243.90%
28Emma Pond02:29:5237.90%
29Rosie Talbot02:29:1333.07%

2018 Club Championships

So cold we could barely feel our feet to start with but we soon warmed up and achieved several PBs!

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Susan Smith01:54:4375.45%
2Diane Suter01:57:1866.38%
3Anna Gregorowski01:59:4363.45%
4Johanna Morley01:53:2163.18%
5Lucy Ross01:51:2562.97%
6Derek Hodgson01:57:4162.40%
7Tim Griffiths01:56:1062.00%
8Alan Brown01:50:0561.31%
9Katy Denny01:58:5457.98%
10Linda Griffiths02:14:5757.70%
11Harriet English02:37:2456.57%
12Oghene Aaron02:10:0555.67%
13Emma Embleton01:58:4254.93%
14Heather Larsen02:05:4554.00%
15Laura Griffin02:08:1853.73%
16Paul Croasdale01:58:4649.17%
17Emma Davidson02:49:4245.32%
18Kavita Raj02:47:5943.11%

A quick couple of laps of the lovely Victoria Park and we were ready for those cakes again.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Susan Smith38.1783.78%
2Gillian Cavell41.2874.33%
3Diane Suter41.0370.48%
4David Mullany37.5169.23%
5Alan Brown36.5368.02%
6Anna Gregorowski41.2267.46%
7Lucy Ross39.3965.18%
8Sarah Cook38.463.73%
9Johanna Morley42.1363.12%
10Oghene Aaron45.2359.38%
11Laura Griffin45.4155.63%
12Chinnie Nwandu51.1749.55%
13Paul Croasdale44.0248.56%

Another impressive age-graded score from Susan Smith!

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Susan Smith00:49:5877.82%
2David Mullany00:47:2669.15%
3William Simpson00:43:2066.54%
4Bernard Simmons00:55:0165.71%
5Lucy Ross00:51:1163.40%
6Diane Suter00:58:3562.19%
7Tim Griffiths00:55:2859.13%
8Alan Brown00:53:0559.09%
9Penny Andreou00:53:5158.00%
10Peter Chadwick00:54:0655.55%
11Linda Griffiths01:05:0155.47%
12Oghene Aaron00:59:0055.00%
13Martha Brownlow00:56:5653.28%
14Eszti Takacs00:58:5153.07%
15Anna Gregorowski01:05:4052.18%
16Chris Ince00:53:2351.92%
17Paul Croasdale00:53:4349.74%
18Lesley Young01:31:5245.39%

A mad dash round Dulwich Park in the fading light.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1David Mullany6:1174.60%
2William Simpson5:4174.04%
3Louise Fernandez7:0070.29%
4Bernard Simmons7:2967.74%
5Alan Brown6:4365.80%
6Oghene Aaron7:3165.45%
7Lucy Ross7:1565.40%
8Peter Chadwick6:3465.12%
9Juliet Shillingford8:5063.69%
10Emma Embleton6:3963.06%
11Jenny Kalogera8:0462.56%
12Philippa Badnell8:3259.91%
13Mark Davidson7:2557.66%
14Anne Cheeseman8:4357.16%
15John Clarke7:0857.16%
16Paul Croasdale6:5654.13%
17Anna Bettiss7:5153.57%
18Joanne Fox9:2348.76%
19Natalie Villiers11:5941.58%

An impressive run from Martha Brownlow in her first ever 10 mile race and a stonking age graded score from Susan Smith.

PositionNameTimeAge Graded Result
1Susan Smith1.20.0179.83%
2David Mullany1.19.1468.13%
3Bernard Simmons1.30.5366.90%
4Diane Suter1.27.3766.88%
5Tim Griffiths1.26.3963.53%
6Lucy Ross1.25.2263.14%
7Martha Brownlow1.21.0760.88%
8Alan Brown1.25.4660.16%
9Santos Diana1.18.4660.05%
10Katy Denny1.30.5057.87%
11Linda Griffiths1.43.0456.85%
12Paula McMahon1.33.1356.29%
13Karen Azaadi1.36.1452.86%
14Eszti Takacs1.41.0951.96%
15Paul Croasdale1.28.4150.36%
16Chris Ince1.36.3748.59%
17Joanne Fox1.54.2345.96%

Dulwich parkrun looking a lot like a race for our Club Championship with several very impressive age-graded scores!

PositionNameTimeAge graded result
1Susan Smith0:22:4387.89%
2Gillian Cavell0:24:2879.29%
3David Mullany0:21:4274.58%
4Will Simpson0:20:2371.79%
5Bernard Simmons0:25:0171.35%
6Alison Taylor Reed0:25:2468.57%
7Lucy Ross0:23:3168.18%
8Myriam Zinga0:26:1864.51%
9Oghene Aaron0:25:5164.09%
10Paula McMahon0:26:2964.07%
11Emma Embleton0:24:3860.08%
12Mark Davidson0:25:2858.38%
13Philippa Badnell0:30:1256.90%
14Louise Fernandez0:29:3256.09%
15Paul Croasdale0:23:3055.53%
16Chris Ince0:25:4154.38%
17Rachael Smyth0:29:2651.42%
18Ian Fernandez0:28:3951.08%
19John Clarke0:27:5050.96%
20Anna Gregorowski0:36:3247.67%
21Denise Blake0:36:2247.25%
22Diane Suter0:41:1243.37%
23Natalie Villiers0:42:2540.00%
24Lara Youdell-Gallman0:41:1136.10%